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Manatee in Trinity Bay!

Manatee in Trinity Bay!

Before you read up on ChaRT & ChambersWild – check out the news about our special visit from a Manatee in Trinity Bay this week – November 24th!






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About ChaRT and the Nature Tourism Initiative – ChambersWild:

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The devastation of Hurricane Ike in 2008 led to the formation of the Long-Term Community Hurricane Recovery Plan for Chambers County.  The Chambers Recovery Team, or ChaRT as we call it, is the hard-working group of citizens striving to implement that Plan. Online at http://chambersrecoveryteam.org

  • The Nature Tourism Initiative, ChambersWild, is a program conducted by the Chambers Recovery Team (“ChaRT”) as part of its implementation of the Long-Term Community Recovery Plan for Chambers County.  This program was initially developed with the cooperation, expertise, and guidance of Texas AgriLife Extension Nature Tourism Program.
  • ChaRT’s Nature Tourism Initiative is funded in large part by Chambers County.  Additional support is provided by Texas Coastal Partners through their grant for implementation of the Chambers County Greenprint, funded by the Texas Coastal Management Program.

The vision of the Chambers Recovery Team (ChaRT) is a stronger, more resilient community.

The Chambers County community would retain its rural roots, with their historical connection to the coastal environment, natural wildlife resources and an abundant fishery, all of which support the county’s economic mainstays of ranching, agriculture and marine trades and industries. The community would also build stronger health and medical service delivery systems, update emergency services, increase recreational opportunities, expand public facilities, and improve ground and marine transportation.


The mission of the ChaRT is to promote, assist, and conduct implementation of the community-driven Long-Term Community Recovery Plan for Chambers County.


ChaRT will be an organization that is grounded in reality, that has a strong and sustainable structure to enable it to accomplish its mission and goals, that is committed to the community-driven process that resulted in the LTCR Plan, and that looks to a future of economic development and environmental protection.


Retain the small town identity of communities:

  • Protect ranching and agriculture lands
  • Serve as a gateway to coastal areas and beaches
  • Create tourism opportunities to become a travel destination
  • Develop inter-connectivity and a county-wide greenways trail system
  • Encourage business expansion
  • Build community facilities and programs that support quality of life and livability
  • Implement projects of mutual interest with the Chambers County Greenprint