Why Chambers County?
Located in the Central Flyway, this Upper Texas Coast county is ideal for resting migratory birds, from shorebirds to warblers –  plus much of the coastal marsh is managed for wintering waterfowl.

All four seasons of the year are very special for birding. With migrants in spring and fall gleaning bugs from the air and vegetation, and ducks feeding on the vegetation in winter, the residents of summer are left to feast on the annoying bugs and organisms that share their habitat zone.  Boasting a checklist of over 300 birds seen in the county, a daily outing can easily produce 50-125 species.  The diverse habitat zones range from gulf coast shoreline to grassland prairie, coastal marsh to mixed woodlands and mottes, rivers, bays, and bayous, plus agricultural fields and pastureland.  No wonder this smorgasbord attracts passerines, raptors, ducks, and shorebirds by the thousands.

Chambers County has some key birding hot spots located on the World renowned Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, project sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments’ Nature Tourism division. Their Wildlife trail maps include the Upper Texas Coast Map which highlights these birding and wildlife viewing areas, one of which is the Anahuac Loop. Pick your map up at State Parks, some visitor centers and online with TPWD.