Tourism based on Agricultural Traditions

Agritourism in Chambers County
Rice farming and cattle ranching operations are a significant part of the landscape in eastern Chambers County, with a 261-days-per-year long growing season and lush pastures to support these endeavors.  Other crops of note include figs, olives, grapes, berry fruits, grain sorghum, soybeans, and corn. Public “pick-ur-own” activities and wineries are sometimes created by this type of agriculture.

A winery, "pick-ur-own" farm and Road-side stands in Chambers County

A winery, “pick-ur-own” farm and Road-side stands in Chambers County


A desire by urbanites to visit and partake in the agricultural lifestyle, perhaps reminiscent of family traditions and roots, and the opportunity to expose future generations to ways of rural living – has given rise to the industry of “agritourism“.  Chambers County has a number of offerings that address this interest.  A combination vineyard and winery in West Chambers County is open to the public, has entertainment and activities associated with the wine industry.  Mid-Chambers County has a U-Pick-It farm that offers berries in season, and fun seasonal activities like a corn maze and hill slide, plus a roadside market along I-10.  Veggie Stands are seen in a few spots in the county – with great seasonal fare. East Chambers County is home to a ranch that provides the perfect spark to a social event or reunion or wedding.  As nature tours and wildlife photography become more popular, private landowners are recognizing the value their resources play on tourism for the area. Check our “Guides & Suppliers” list for destination contact information.

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blog-icon_goose_100Links to local Chambers of Commerce and additional area organizations provide more information about these and other agri-based businesses in the county.


Visit the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center for the US Fish and Wildlife areas, called the Texas Chenier Plain Visitor Center. It is located two miles south of I-10 on Hwy. 563 alongside Lake Anahuac. Address: Texas Chenier Plain Refuges Complex, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, 4017 FM 563, Anahuac, Texas 77514 Phone:(409) 267-3337.  The Visitor Center is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The Visitor Center provides information on nature sightseeing and other activities features a high-quality interactive interpretive display which includes an airboat ride simulator, and  an elevated boardwalk through a cypress tree swamp alongside Lake Anahuac.

Weather:  Chambers County Weather – Wunderground

Precipitation Days 90
Sunny Days 211
Avg. July High 92
Avg. Jan. Low 42.3


Things to Know or Bring: In addition to your normal travel clothes make sure you bring appropriate gear for your activity.  Binoculars, cameras, sunscreen, and gloves (for picking) should be on your list.  Be sure to bring out everything you bring in, and if you encounter a piece of litter, pick it up and place it in a proper trash container. This will help continue the quality of outdoor experiences here and protect wildlife.