Manatee Visits Trinity Bay

A unique visitor to Chambers County –In time for Thanksgiving 2014! 

Manatee being monitored at SeaWorld San Antonio - Dec, 1 2014

Manatee being monitored at SeaWorld San Antonio – Dec, 1 2014


Manatee visits Trinity Bay, Chambers County, TX

Manatee visits Trinity Bay, Chambers County, TX

Nov 24: A West India Manatee has taken up residence in Chambers County, in western part of beautiful Trinity Bay (no public access at this time, for the mammal’s safety.) This is very unusual for a manatee to be in this area of the coast – though Heidi Whitehead with Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network (TMMSN) says a few have been spotted on the Texas coast in the past. This manatee had found some nice warm waters coming into the Bay from the NRG plant and was enjoying his stay on Sunday . . .  but cold weather moved in which could be dangerous to the marine mammal.

The TMMSN and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Marine Units teamed up to assist the mammal on Sunday, Nov 23 when it was discovered.  It has been determined he is from Tampa, Fla – he can be identified by the scars on his body.

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Team effort to remove the Manatee from Trinity Bay

Team effort to remove the Manatee from Trinity Bay

Nov 25: a “recovery” by Us Fish & Wildlife, Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, SeaWorld San Antonio are planned for today. It is important the manatee gets back into warmer waters, and the goal is to get him to his home area in Florida as soon as possible.

The report from Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network:
This morning the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network working with Texas Parks and Wildlife, SeaWorld San Antonio, USFWS, FWC and the Chambers County Sheriff Department participated in a successful capture of a West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) found warming itself in the warm water outflow of an NRG plant in west Trinity Bay  @ Baytown, TX.

“The manatee, cold-stressed and thin (for a manatee!), is enroute to SeaWorld San Antonio for veterinary care. FWC biologists identified the manatee by means of dorsal scars as a Florida native that normally winters in Tampa Bay and plans are in place for transport their after receiving the care it needs. Thanks to all involved for the effort put forth in this intervention.”

Nov 26: It seems there is a fan club for helping protect the manatees, and they have been reporting the visit by our Florida manatee to the Upper Texas Coast and Chambers County.

ChambersWild hopes the Manatee enjoyed his visit in the Wild Side of Chambers County, and has a good trip home! We will post updates as we received them . .  meanwhile – why don’t you plan an adventure to Chamber County!


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